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Su Ruoran nodded, smiled and said, "Of course, if you don't invite me, there will be no chance. Let's do it tomorrow. Do you think it's all right?" "All right!" Zhang Wenhao did not recognize another meaning of Su Ruoran's words and said with a smile, "I have thought about what to invite you to eat." "Is it?" Su Ruoran asked with a smile, "Can you reveal a little bit in advance?" "No." Zhang Wenhao smiled mysteriously and said, "Just wait for my call at 7 o'clock tomorrow evening." "All right." Su Ruoran nodded, glanced at Zhang Wenhao, and exhorted: "Remember not to be extravagant and wasteful." "Don't worry." ... The system has not responded to Zhang Wenhao's results. When Zhang Wenhao returned home, his parents had already cooked and waited for him. They didn't even know that the school had passed the second mock exam. As soon as Zhang Wenhao entered the door, Zhang Xingping opened his mouth and said, "Wen Hao, what's going on on Sunday?" "It's nothing." Zhang Wenhao asked, "What's the matter, Dad? Do you have plans?" "Yes." Zhang Xingping looked very happy and said, "On Sunday night, Dad and some of your uncle Lei's old comrades-in-arms will come to Jiangcheng. Your uncle Lei has booked a hotel, and then you will go with Dad." "Really?" Zhang Wenhao knew that his father attached great importance to friendship, especially those old comrades-in-arms who had shared life and death. Every time a comrades-in-arms came to Jiangcheng,phycocyanin spirulina, his father would put aside all his affairs to welcome his comrade-in-arms and drink together to catch up on the old days. Sometimes he chatted with his comrade-in-arms all night, and this time it was even more special. After the last time he did his own thing, his father and Lei Zhanjun had buried the hatchet. This time, More comrades-in-arms gathered in Jiangcheng, and these comrades-in-arms who had fought bloody battles together were finally able to eliminate all barriers. Zhang Wenhao said excitedly, "Dad, there must be a lot of people coming this time, right?" Smiling from ear to ear,rosmarinic acid supplement, Zhang Xingping kept nodding and said, "Yes, twenty-seven. We even want to come over if we are still alive and can get in touch with our comrades in arms." Zhang Wenhao said happily, "That's really great. Dad, I'm afraid you're going to be so excited that you can't sleep these two days." Zhang Xingping said with a smile, "Don't talk about me. Your uncle Lei cried on the phone for twenty minutes when he heard the news. He was so excited that he couldn't even speak well." Zhang Wenhao couldn't help saying, "Dad, it's the first time in so many years that you have so many comrades-in-arms gathering. I'm a child, so I won't get involved!" Zhang Xingping laughed and said, "Your uncles and grandfathers all want to see you by name." As he spoke, Zhang Xingping could not help sighing and said, "In fact, they are the same as me. They have been hiding from your Uncle Lei for so many years and let him suffer in his heart for so many years. They are also very sorry. But no one has been able to pull down their faces. This time, it was because of you that this party was facilitated. So you must go." At that time, pumpkin seed extract ,best green coffee bean extract, your uncle Lei's wife and children will also come from Yanjing. Zhang Wenhao nodded and said, "Well, I'll go with you when the time comes. Where's mom?"? Is she going? Song Huafang came out of the kitchen and said with a smile, "I'm not going. I can't see your father shed tears, and I can't see a lot of men shed tears.." Zhang Xingping scratched his head and said with a smile, "There was too much blood in those years. Now there is no blood. But when I think of those years, I always shed tears." Song Huafang said hurriedly, "Well, if you go on, your father will probably shed tears now. Let's eat." Zhang Wenhao washed his hands and went back to the dining table. As soon as he picked up his chopsticks, he suddenly remembered his report card. He took it out and put it on the table. He said with a smile, "Mom and Dad, this is the report card for the second mock exam at school two days ago." "Another exam?"? Why didn't I hear you? Song Huafang picked up the report card in surprise. As soon as she took a look, she quickly covered the report card with both hands. She looked at Zhang Xingping and said, "Xingping, pinch me quickly to see if I'm dreaming.". ” Zhang Xingping frowned and joked, "Look at your promise. Our son is so smart. Can't you believe he got a good grade?"? Come on, let me see how many points this brat got.. With these words, Zhang Xingping drew the report card from the palm of Song Huafang's hand. He only took one look, and his eyes stared like brass bells. He did not come to his senses for a long time. Half a day later, Zhang Xingping took the report card and murmured, "Mom, you pinch me first.." After the couple repeatedly confirmed that the report card in front of them was not a dream, they were so excited that they could not control themselves. Song Huafang was so excited that she cried and laughed. She never thought that her son could make her so proud as she is today. This achievement is something she dared not dream of! Zhang Xingping excitedly took out the wine and poured a cup for Zhang Wenhao and himself. He said excitedly, "Good son, have a good drink with Dad today!" Song Huafang also brought a glass of wine and handed it to Zhang Xingping, saying, "Pour me half a glass, too!" While the family warmly celebrated Zhang Wenhao's amazing report card, Zhang Wenhao finally heard the long-lost system prompt tone: "Get the first place in the whole grade by using the skill of photographic memory, and the system will reward users with 300 points!" Immediately afterwards, the system prompted: "Users have reached the peak in the mock exam, and the system will no longer reward the results of the mock exam from now on." Reach the peak? Zhang Wenhao heart can not help but some disappointment, the system believes that he has reached the peak in the mock exam, the next time he takes the first place, or even 750 full marks, I am afraid the system can not be interested, then in the next three months, I am afraid it is not so easy to earn points. Want to rely on photographic skills to earn points, I'm afraid we can only wait for the college entrance examination, only the huge social influence of the college entrance examination will be recognized by the system, in addition, although they can also use actual combat to earn points, but they can't always go out to fight? It's not worth it to earn points like that. At this time, the system suddenly prompted: "The user's available points are 690 points,turmeric extract powder, the cumulative points are 1190 points, the first random lottery can be carried out, whether to start the lottery immediately?" Chapter 43 lucky draw!.